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NZT is not for everyone.  While beginning a regimen of NZT has no side effects (according to nearly 100% of respondents), side effects have been reported by those who have missed taking a dose of NZT or who have chosen to stop taking NZT and begin to experience withdrawal symptoms associated with discontinuation of a regimen of NZT.  Some of these side effects can be life threatening and include insomnia (difficulty sleeping), extreme back pain, frequent urinary tract infection, nausea, vomiting, nasal congestion, mouth dryness, acute sensitivity to sound and light, weakness, exhaustion, feelings of extreme thirst and hunger, glandular issues, organ failure, increased sexual appetite or lack of sexual desire, impotence and feelings of limited self worth.  Others reported experiencing violent thoughts, brain damage, blackouts, suicidal feelings, homicidal feelings, extreme paranoia, rapid aging, time dysplasia, psychosis and possibly even death.

For further safety and other information please see the Patient Prescribing Information.