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Questions to ask your Doctor

Your doctor will likely want to understand why you have chosen to begin a regimen of NZT.  Once you have explained your situation we believe your physician will be ready to start you on your regimen.  Still, you may wish to ask certain questions so as to be as fully prepared as possible.

Here are some questions you may wish to ask your doctor about a regimen of NZT:

  • What can I expect from NZT?
  • NZT has a seven-day dosing schedule.  What does that mean?
  • Will NZT affect my weight?
  • Will NZT affect my menstrual cycle (if you’re a woman)?
  • Will NZT affect my sperm count (if you’re a man)?
  • If I’m already taking a heavy duty NDRI, NaSSA or SSRI,
    how easy will it be for me to transition to NZT?