What if a pill could make you rich and powerful?
Are you ready to talk to your doctor about having it all, experiencing it all and going for it all?

Are you ready to talk to your doctor about unlocking your full potential with NZT?  While it is essential that your health care provider be part of your decision-making process, it is also important that you make your provider aware of why you want to start a regimen of NZT, why it is right for you, and what he or she can do to facilitate the most successful NZT regimen possible.

What to tell your Doctor

Before you make your appointment to see your health care provider about beginning a regimen of NZT be prepared to discuss certain topics in your life experiences up to this point (where you are in life vs. where you want or need to be), your hopes, your dreams, and your needs.  Also you should be prepared to discuss certain topics such as your age, your weight, health and family history, any medications you currently take.  Your physician may want to give you a physical exam.

Your Age and Weight

NZT was studied in men and women 18 to 45 weighing 95 to 270 pounds.  NZT is not advised for men or women younger than 18.  While it has not been tested on men or women older than 45, anecdotal evidence suggests that so long as they are in reasonably good health, there is no upper limit to the age at which a person may begin a regimen of NZT.  Therefore so long as you are older than 18 and in reasonably good health, you are a likely candidate to begin a regimen of NZT. 

Your Personal Health and Family History

Be ready to discuss your medical history in particular whether you have or have had cardiopathy, cardiomyopathy, cerebral ischemia or intracranial hemorrhage, kidney or liver problems, a history of mania or seizure disorders as these conditions may cause your physician to advise against beginning a regimen of NZT.  Your doctor may also ask about your family history of these medical conditions.  While this is simply sound behavior on the part of your health care provider, the simple fact is there is no evidence whatsoever that previous family history in any medical condition has or should have any impact on your taking NZT.  While most health care providers will (or should) recognize how important taking NZT will be to you and your well-being, you may have to insist that your doctor follow your wishes here.   If necessary, be prepared to seek a second opinion.  In most cases, your heartfelt determination will be enough to sway even the most reluctant physician to start you on your regimen of NZT. 

Your Medications

Write down any medications you currently take and show your doctor.  The list should include prescription and nonprescription products or herbal products.  Unless you are already taking a heavy duty NDRI, NaSSA or SSRI, there should not be any medication conflict issues.  The simple truth is beginning a regimen of NZT will make any of those other medications unnecessary.