What if a pill could make you rich and powerful?

When can I start taking NZT?

Choose the day to begin your regimen of NZT.  Some people may want to coordinate their increased memory capacity with their employment – so as to increase their value at work.  You may have a specific goal that you want to achieve in conjunction with your use of NZT.  Remember that while some effects of NZT may appear almost instantly after taking NZT, most of NZT’s impact on you, your brain function, your memory and physical resilience will take two to three days to become fully apparent.

Should I take NZT at a certain time?

You can take NZT at any time of the day.  Choose a convenient time to take your pill.  You should take your pill around the same time every day.  For example, take your pill in the morning when you have breakfast or in the evening before brushing your teeth.  This will help you keep to the regimen.

What should I expect when I begin taking NZT?

Your body will take time to adjust to having NZT in your system.  A small percentage of men report experiencing feelings of mild nausea or headaches after the first or second doses.  If you exercise regularly, you will begin to notice an increased capacity for that exercise.

What do I do if I miss a dose of NZT?

In a word, don’t.  NZT has been designed so that its effects on your body are based on taking the complete regimen of one clear pill a day for seven days.  Not taking the full regimen once you have begun taking NZT or forgetting to take part of the regimen can result in the sudden onset of some or all of NZT’s reported side effects.

What if I want to stop taking NZT?

Most people who begin a regimen of NZT have found it easier to continue taking NZT after their initial seven day regimen has ended.  Cessation of an NZT regimen should only be attempted under the care of a physician as people who try to stop taking NZT have reported experiencing unpleasant side effects.